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Product Code - WA321

1. This is a combo pack which contains the following PART A :- HiFoliar Nutrient ™ [W180] PART B :- SuperStiker [WA306] 2. W180 HiFoliar Nutrient ™ is a blend of amino acids and other natural nutritive substances. It provides necessary foliar nutrition to the crops, whereas WA306 SuperStiker is a silicon based non-ionic, biodegradable wetting agent which when used in combination with the above enhances the efficacy of the foliar spray. 3. WA306 aids in better wetting, spreading, penetration and uptake of the active ingredients. 4. WA306 does not allow the active product to get wash off easily after spraying.


300G W180 + 50ML WA306 /100 liters of water


Technical Data